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Entertainer at heart

Born May 10, 1990, Sam is originally from the Stillwater Paiute-Shoshone Reservation. Growing up on a reservation, he witnessed and experienced first-hand the effects of discrimination, racism, poverty, and substance abuse on his community. His passion for connecting communities through performance stems from his desire to alleviate the pain of these realities from those around him. Sam aims to use his success as an entertainer as a way to inspire and educate youth from his community as well as those from similar paths. His love for his community and pride in his culture have been a constant motivation for him to be a positive example for the next generations.

From a young age Sam has taken part or shown interest in all forms of sports and displays of human physical ability.  After learning how to juggle  in 2008, his natural propensity for the skill drove his interest forward. This eventually resulted in Sam moving to Denver, Colorado to explore more opportunities for training, and it was in Denver that his professional career began to take shape. With ambitions of pushing himself to new levels, Sam’s work ethic and focus allowed him to make a name for himself in a few short years as one of the world’s top jugglers. In 2013, Sam took home his first gold medal from the International Jugglers’ Association Numbers Championship. He has since won many awards related specifically to his juggling, including the Boulder Circus Arts Award, X Juggling Awards, and a finalist spot at the 2016 International Juggling Association Stage Championships.

Sam painstakingly crafted a highly-technical solo juggling act and spent several years featured in circuses, his gateway to life as a touring performer.  Focusing every day on practicing, improving and tweaking his solo act, Sam was immediately successful as a circus performer, yet even with so much success he felt he was missing something.  Seeking to connect more deeply with his audiences and speak his mind, Sam returned to Denver and began working his way through local open-mic events, making a name for himself as a stand-up comedian. But somehow that wasn't right either - he soon became frustrated by the short set times and missed the element of wonder and amazement juggling used to hold for his circus crowds.  He developed a new circle show for the street, one that combined elements of both juggling and stand-up comedy.  He then spent years adapting it into the incredible performance style he's internationally known for today.  Sam's hard-earned performance style displays world-class juggling, stand-up comedy and physical comedy, and his passion for connecting with people from all walks of life is a central element that binds the experience together. He has adapted this performance into shows suitable in outdoor venues such as fairs and festivals, as well as making a now perfectly suited return to the traditional theatres, colleges, comedy clubs, and corporate events.

The exciting and raw nature of Sam’s show has made him a hit with audiences and won him countless performing awards, such as the San Diego Busker’s Festival People’s Choice Award and Best Outdoor Show at the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival.  Sam was also recently asked to open for 30 Seconds to Mars and Walk The Moon by Denver radio station 93.3 KTCL at their largest annual event, Denver's Big Gig.

Today, while focusing on performing the best show possible, Sam devotes time and energy into giving back to his community. He is vocal about educating youth and overcoming stereotypes and he aims to be a positive role model with strong cultural values and principles. Sam also works to bring awareness to issues within Native communities through performance and programs with various tribes.

An international award winning performer, Sam Malcolm has combined natural talent and a desire to make people laugh with hard work and dedication to his craft. By joining athleticism with an affinity for anything ridiculous, it’s no wonder Sam has become one of the world’s top jugglers as well as an innovative and original stand-up comic. Pairing his contemporary comedy with jaw-dropping juggling skills, Sam performs with his whole body and soul and does whatever it takes to make each show into its own one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

A man of many talents, Sam does more than impress or get a laugh. He uses his warmth and vivacity to connect others from all walks of life through a unique blend of honesty, humility, compassion, and of course, humor. This special blend of charisma enables him to speak out in his performances about issues he has experienced first hand or seen within his community and the world at large.  He compels you to think critically about challenging ideas, but also to see the humor in our shared experiences.

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