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This is a SUPER PACK that includes a random assortment of FIVE small Sam Malcolm stickers!  There are three different stickers in this pack, and each sticker is approximately 3" in size, making them perfect for phone cases, laptops, waterbottles and more. You are guranteed to get at least one of each sticker.  You'll get Chibi Sam, which is a cutely animated drawing of Sam reclining seductively in his street show gear.  You'll also get the small size, limited edition Native Pride Sam Malcolm Logo - a native medicine wheel flanked by white feathers and topped with a burgundy Sam Malcolm banner.  And finally, you'll get a SMEG sticker, which showcases Sam's face cut off from the nose down by a banner that reads "Sam Malcolm's Eyebrow Gang." Posession of a SMEG sticker is your honorary induction into Sam Malcolm's Eyebrow Gang.  For more quality SMEG content, join our private SMEG community by searching "Sam Malcolm's Eyebrow Gang" on facebook.  Personally we think these stickers are great, we like to stick them to our foreheads and say "i'M sAm MaLcoLm dUr Dur JuGgLiNG!! HAHA" in a stupid voice.  We know you will too.

The Small Sticker Pack

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